Monday, June 20, 2011

my frst wok by doogle

my name iz doogle and i went fo a wok today and it wuz my frst wok and it wuz fun and i wiked it.
at frst it wuz not fun and i didn wike it and i did not wont to go fo a wok.
my atitude wemained the same for some time. i wuz vewy stubbon.
den I sat between enas feet becuz i am vewy manipulatib. Emoshunally speaking.
Yes, mor of de same.
den i stawted to wok and de humanz wer vewy happy.
i wuz vewy good at woking but i don no how to cop with dis weash thing so i got vewy angwy, tho you cant tell dat from dis foto.
i wuz getting tird of all de attenshun so i woked rite off camewa.
and demanded dat dey take me home dat instant.
so ena pikked me up.
and we went home togever.

de end. by doogle.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Toy Poodle is no Toy. He is Doogle.

I thought I'd put up some more pictures of Doogle here. Our computer suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure that wiped out most of my photos, but fortunately these ones were in the memory card to my camera still.

Anyway, that isn't important. What is important is Doogle, a fact that he never tires of driving home to us by biting our ankles and ripping the socks off our feet. He is a little frustrated at the moment because he has to wait a few more weeks (ugh) until we can take him out. One more vaccination we keep telling more.

Well, we can sort of take him out now, we just can't put him on the ground. Ena bought a little dog carrier for him and we sometimes just carry him around in that. It fits into my bicycle basket perfectly:
Sometimes he looks cozy:
But in general he is not a fan of bicycle trips:
Another feature of dog ownership we are discovering is that it turns the floor of your home into a massive accumulation of dog-related stuff. We've got pee sheets, dog toys, toilet paper rolls (he likes those), torn up bits of tissue (we hate the fact that he likes those), more dog toys, socks that he has torn of four feet and a ton of other crap. EVERYWHERE.

One of his favorite toys is Suzanne here:
Doogle and Suzanne are a bit of an item. By which I mean relations (cough cough). This is another thing the vet tells us we will have to wait a while to have dealt with.

Anyway, it is impossible to stay mad at this monster. Look at that face up above. Too damned cute.