Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ena and I had a great Christmas together this year. We had the tree nice and decorated and put lots of presents underneath it:
Christmas is never the same without the whole family around, but we had a good time. We woke up early in the morning, opened our presents and then spent the afternoon at karaoke singing christmas songs. Then we went to dinner at a yakitori restaurant next to the karaoke place. Hardly a traditional Christmas (we actually celebrated on Christmas eve because Ena worked on Christmas day) but a lot of fun nonetheless!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Trees and Interior Decorating

Ena and I got a really great christmas tree this year. We actually picked it up in October at a second hand shop near campus for only 500 yen (about five bucks), but we didn't set it up until the end of November. We went out to a few shops and bought a bunch of lights and decorations, this is Ena putting the star on top:
After we got a new sofa delivered we had to move it to the other side of the room, I think it looks better there anyway:
This is our new sofa, which we are quite happy with:
We've gone on a bit of a decorating binge after getting a bunch of stuff at the Hakozaki flea market, one of the biggest inWestern Japan, a couple weeks ago:
These are some of the things we got:
I also have a little window garden. We went to this local greenhouse/botanical garden a couple of months ago and it inspired me to get a whole bunch of potted plants:
I think our apartment is as "set up" as it is going to get!