Monday, June 20, 2011

my frst wok by doogle

my name iz doogle and i went fo a wok today and it wuz my frst wok and it wuz fun and i wiked it.
at frst it wuz not fun and i didn wike it and i did not wont to go fo a wok.
my atitude wemained the same for some time. i wuz vewy stubbon.
den I sat between enas feet becuz i am vewy manipulatib. Emoshunally speaking.
Yes, mor of de same.
den i stawted to wok and de humanz wer vewy happy.
i wuz vewy good at woking but i don no how to cop with dis weash thing so i got vewy angwy, tho you cant tell dat from dis foto.
i wuz getting tird of all de attenshun so i woked rite off camewa.
and demanded dat dey take me home dat instant.
so ena pikked me up.
and we went home togever.

de end. by doogle.

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