Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fireworks in Fukuoka

Ena and I went to the Fireworks festival in Ohori Park today. It was quite impressive, the show lasted an hour and a half and was far and away the best display of fireworks I've ever seen. Ohori park is near the site of Fukuoka castle, this is Ena in front of the moat:

We had Takoyaki from a vendor for dinner:

We ran into some friends who had bought yukata for the occasion there:

On the way back we rode our bikes through Nakasu, which is Fukuoka's entertainment district

There was this bizarre stall with a cat selling ice cream on the sidewalk that I had to take a few pictures of:

Also this sidewalk stall where people try to fish eel out of a bucket (the prize for winning: an eel) was kind of interesting:

Question: It is 11:30 on a Saturday night, where is your 5 year old son?

Answer: He is in Fukuoka's red light district with a bunch of hostesses trying to fish eels out of a big bucket. Where else would he be?

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