Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kyushu Daigaku Ryugakusei Kaikan

This is a picture I took from our balcony at the Dorm, I think its pretty nice. For some reason all the rooms have this netting over them, I'm not sure if that is to keep stuff in or out.

Funny story. Last night we found a spider in our bedroom. Being the humane person I am instead of squishing it I tried to catch it with my hands and put it out the window. The thing was fast and uncooperative and I ended up chasing it around the room for a couple of minutes trying to coax it onto my hand or onto a piece of paper that I grabbed. Every time I did the thing jumped away and eventually I just gave up.

This morning Ena and I went to the Orientation session for the Dorm, where all the rules were explained to everyone and a number of announcements were made. The very first announcement they made, complete with a slideshow picture of a nasty spider, was:

"Earlier this year a large infestation of venomous spiders was found on the grounds. A bite from these spiders may result in complete paralysis or death so if you see one do not touch it and contact the authorities immediately."

I don't think the spider I tried to catch with my bare hands was one of the venomous ones, but I had to laugh anyway.

Anyway, the Dorm is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. We've gotten nicely settled in.

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Anonymous said...

hi i was once staying in the dorm of kyudai ryugakusei was in was not netted then....i miss the wonderful life at the kaikan