Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Embarassing Google Searches and My Little Blog

Today's post is about my favorite feature of Google Blogger: the "Search Keywords" function.

Every day Google, on my blog's control panel, tells me what search terms people have entered into Google to find my blog. It is far and away the most amusing part of Google Blogger.

Up until a few months ago my blog was obscure enough that it only came up in very specific and seldom used searches. Like if you put in "Kyushu University Hakozaki Campus" in a Google search my blog would pop up and some people would click on it. Nothing too exciting about that.
Now though my blog has apparently been around long enough to have advanced up Google's page rankings so that it shows up on a wider range of search terms than it used to. This is where the amusement sets in.

I believe the main cause of this was this post a couple months ago that had the word "Sex" in the title. It is far and away the most viewed post on this blog and it has completely skewered the search terms that people use to reach my blog. For example, looking at the past month people have arrived here via searches for:

"Fukuoka prostitute"
"Fukuoka sex
"Sex in Fukuoka
"Fukuoka brothel
"Nakasu red light district
"Nakasu Prostitution

These seem to obviously have been entered by people trying to find information on prostitutes in Fukuoka. One enterprising visitor confirms this with the most specific search:

"How to Find Prostitutes in Fukuoka"

Oh, my beautiful blog: who will weep for thee?

Another type of search that led someone to that same post was this one:

"Fuzoku on working visa"

Fuzoku you will recall is sex industry work. That exact search term was used 4 times to reach my blog, I guess by someone looking for information on whether such work would violate the terms of their visa. If that person is reading this: I think it probably would, but check with immigration.

The most disturbing search has been this one:

"seansex 9 com"

I don't know or want to know what the hell that person was looking for, but the fact that they used it to reach this blog 3 times makes me somewhat uncomfortable.
Far and away the most amusing was this one that someone used in the last 24 hours:

"Hidden camera: Kansai women's bath"

Oh my god, I fell off my chair laughing when I saw that one. The person used it to reach this rather mundane post here. If you read it you'll notice that it has nothing to do with hidden cameras or women's baths but by some coincidence it happens to contain each of those words, scattered throughout the post.

Its entirely possible the person was doing research on something like the criminal invasion of the privacy rights of women in the Kansai area. Though that would be a generous interpretation of course.

I suppose that by putting all these search terms into a single post I am really inviting a wave of clicks. This will probably become my newest number one post in no time.

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