Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kyoto the Trip! Part 12 - Kyoto Gosho and Eikando

Our last day in Kyoto was sunny and warm. We had until 8PM until our bus would whisk us back to Fukuoka, so once again we set out to explore some of the remaining sites we had not yet hit on rented bicycles.

Our travels first took us past Kyoto Gosho, the Emperor's residence in Kyoto. He wasn't in that day, so we just tucked a note under the door saying we had visited and were sorry we had missed him.

Anyway, most of the massive grounds are a big, free park that is open to everyone so we pedaled around a bit, which was difficult on the gravel. There is a little villa in a garden you can see, it used to be the residence of a retainer back in the old days:
After that we pedaled over to Higashiyama, stopping at the Eikando. The Eikando is a decent temple with a very lovely little garden tucked in a courtyard that looks different from different sides. If you are a garden lover I recommend coming to Kyoto a couple weeks later than we did, these places must look amazing with all the leaves open:
They've decorated the temple buildings with these colorful curtains which just scream "Eikando":
You can climb up the hill to a little pagoda halfway up. Its got a nice view of the city from up there. It looks better photographed from a distance though:
Our Kyoto trip continues in the next post!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sean, happen to chance upon your blog while i was googling about Kyushu and Fukuoka as I'm actually going for a summer program to Kyushu university. I would like to ask if you know anything about the Kyushu JR pass for foreigners. Can I purchase it after arrival in Japan or do i have to purchase it in my home country before going to Japan. Also, are there any recommended inns or ryoukans in Northern Kyushu (I plan to get the Northern Kyushu JR pass)? Sorry for the long question and I really hope to hear from you soon.

Yiwei (Singapore)

Sean said...

Hi Yiwei,

I hope you enjoy your program at Kyudai.

I'm afraid I don't know much about the JR passes since I'm a long term resident and not eligible for them. Probably the JR website would have information about how to purchase them.

Unfortunately I don't have much info on good inns or ryokans around here either as I always stay in cheap business hotels when I travel. Kurokawa onsen is said to be the best place in these parts for ryokan, but it isn't accessible by train.

Hmmmm....sorry I can' t be a better source of info but I wish you the best in your travels in Kyushu, its a lovely island!