Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kashii Kaikan's Mos Burger Closed!

It is not often that I will admit to feeling bad about the closure of a fast food outlet, but I kind of do about this one.

There used to be a Mos Burger in the first floor of the above building. It is right next to the Kaikan where we lived for our first year in Fukuoka. We used to go there a lot for lunch or dinner, usually on our way to or back from a cycling trip in Eastern Fukuoka.

Mos Burger is by no means the best fast food franchise out there. But I liked this one. Across the street from the building is the Kashihama beach and Island City beyond that. The windows had a great view of this and it was a nice place to just sit.

Anyway, probably most people who have lived in the Kaikan remember this place as it was the closest source of fast food. I'm sorry to say it is no more!

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