Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Summer in February

The weather has been ridiculously good in Fukuoka recently. A few days ago I was thinking how nice it was to get some spring-like weather in February, but today it was actually summer-like, with temperatures well into the 20s and clear skies. Unfortunately I had some stuff to do at school and Ena was at work all day, but I did get to go for a quick bike ride and enjoy the weather.

On the weekend the two of us went for a small bike ride into town. We were mainly there to do some shopping and have lunch, but we also stopped at Sumiyoshi Shrine and I took a few pictures. We made a wish for good health on this guy:
And Ena also made a wish at one of the shrine buildings just for good measure:
Its kind of a pretty shrine with a lot of trees along with the bright orange and white buildings:
Recently we've also taken up bird watching. There is a surprisingly wide variety of birds that make the woods outside our window home in the winter months. I've tried to get pictures of them, some of them are quite colorful, but they all move to fast, except for this relatively normal looking one that let me take a picture:

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