Monday, June 14, 2010

IMS and Kashii Shrine

Ena and I had dinner in town on Sunday. We didn't really plan anything as it was supposed to rain, but it ended up clearing up in the afternoon so we just hopped on our bikes and went into town.

We ended up at the IMS building. This is one of Fukuoka's big attractions that doesn't look like a big attraction. It is probably the only thing that rates a mention in the big Lonely Planet type English guidebooks in Fukuoka that I haven't posted something about on the blog.

This is probably because on the outside it just looks like any other office building in town. On the inside though it is a giant mega shopping mall with 14 floors wrapped around a central open space:
We went up to the top 3 floors which is where they have the restaurants. There are a lot to choose from, we went for one of the health food options. We got seats next to the window which had some really great views of the city:
We could watch the sunset as we ate:
And the lights of the city came alive as it got darker and darker:
On the very top floor there is a "sky garden"which we went up to after dinner. We had the place all to ourselves:
We could see the city from up there too:
Today we had a day off too and went over to Kashii shrine. We stopped at a cafe along the way and had cakes. My dad and I had gone to this same place when he visited last year. In the summer though you can sit on the sidewalk and enjoy the tree-lined boulevard:
Kashii shrine was nice as usual:

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