Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Party

Ena and I hosted the social event of the Kyudai Kaikan yesterday with our Christmas party (on Christmas eve). We were able to successfully cram 16 people into an apartment that measures approximately 3 metres by 6 metres. This is most of us (this picture may also be useful for historians trying to visualize what the Black Hole of Calcutta looked like):

Ena made some really good sukiyaki (a Japanese dish with radishes, beef and noodles) and all of our guests brought food and drinks as well so it was sort of pot-luck style. There was some really good food so we all got stuffed! This is Ena with my classmates Tai Ching and WangJin in the kitchen (Ena, I should point out, is the only one actually cooking!):

These are some more pictures of everyone crammed into our apartment and having a good time:

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