Monday, September 7, 2009

Fireworks and Bullet Train sushi

Ena and I went to another fireworks festival near the Kaikan a couple days ago. I took a short video and its now my first Youtube video:

It was fun, though we didn't stay for long. We ran into some friends there:

We also went and had sushi a couple of times at this new restaurant near campus. Its a lot of fun, they have a bullet train track that takes your food to you when you order something:

This is how many plates of sushi we had (105 yen each):

You can either order stuff via the bullet train or just take the plates off the conveyor belt as they whiz by your table. If you order them via bullet train though in addition to getting to see the cool train you also get to play a slot machine. We won a prize, this pack of nori:

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