Thursday, September 17, 2009

Graduation Day

We had our graduation ceremony yesterday. There isn't much else to say except that we all graduated!

Unfortunately the people who made the day possible - Ena, mom and dad - could only be there in spirit rather than person but you were all in my thoughts!

This is some of us outside before the ceremony:

The ceremony was held in the same room that our welcoming ceremony was held in just after we arrived a year ago, which was fitting. These are a few photos from the ceremony itself:

These are some pictures taken outside after the ceremony with friends:

And this is what my degree looks like:


lily said...

Hi! I'm thinking about applying for kyushu for my llm and your blog has been very helpful in giving me a personal glimpse of how things are there. oh, and i'm loving the pictures!

What I want to know is how much has kyushu llm helped you in your profession. I know you're done with the program by now (congrats on your graduation! :)), though it looks like you've decided to stay in Japan. Are you working there now?

Also, there's a guy in your graduation photo wearing our national costume...the barong tagalog! Are you still in touch with him? can I ask for his name and contact details? I also want to find out about the kyushu llm program from a fellow filipino.

Thanks so much and best regards.

Sean said...

Thanks for reading. I'm still in my studies (doing an LLD now) so I can't comment directly on how it would help one professionally.

I'm hesitant to give out personal info in a publicly accessible forum like this, especially about someone else! I will tell you though that if you look up "Kyushu University LLM" on Facebook you'll find a group whose membership includes a number of Filipino graduates of the program who you could send PMs to!

Also have a look at the Kyushu University section on the forums at LLM Guide, there are usually a few people there as well:

lily said...

Thanks so much. That's a big help. Best regards on your LLD. :)

Anonymous said...

hi sean! I got offered a place in Kyushu llm for excited and a bit scared to.

how difficult is the llm program? im used to sleepless nights and long hours of studying when i was in law school, but that was years ago. age, i guess, has caught up. :)

Sean said...


Don't be scared, it is a great program!

It can be busy at times, particularly when you are approaching the thesis deadline, but as my blog probably attests, you'll also have enough free time to enjoy exploring Fukuoka too!