Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kittens on a moped, Ena's haircut, fixing a Famicom and other news

This was another nice week in which we didn't go anywhere particularly photogenic due to the rain but nonetheless took a few pictures.

My 1250 yen Famicom called it quits during the week. Determined not to let it die, I pulled it apart with my new tools:
This is what the insides look like:
Much to my delight I was able to get it up and working again. The problem: 26 years worth of accumulated dust.

On Thursday I came home and found that the kittens had made a new home on my Icelandic classmate Gunnar's moped:
I'm not sure if he's noticed this or not.

Ena got a haircut on Friday and looks even more beautiful than ever (if that was possible):
Friday night we had a party for our friend Oleg and Tijo's birthdays:
It was a lot of fun.

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