Friday, July 24, 2009

Torrential rain hits town

Yesterday we had a massive rain storm that at one point dropped an astonishing 114 mm of rain in a single hour on Fukuoka.

I took this video of the rain from our balcony at the height of the storm, though it doesn't really do it justice!

There has been a lot of damage in the city and suburbs from floods and landslides. All of downtown Fukuoka was knee deep in water yesterday evening and thousands of people along riversides had to be evacuated. A number of people were killed either from landslides destroying their homes (including 6 residents of an elderly care home in Yamaguchi) or from being washed away by flood waters (including a 7 year old boy not far from where we live).

Looks like the rain has passed and the floodwaters have receded. And this isn't even the typhoon season!

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