Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our old friend Meisha from Australia and her boyfriend dropped by Fukuoka yesterday on their way to Okinawa. It was our first time seeing her in almost 8 years so it was cool to see her again, she worked at AEON in Himeji with us way back when Ena and I first met.

We took them to have ramen at a yatai downtown on the riverside. Yatai are these food stalls that get set up at night and sell all sorts of food and alcohol to people who sit on stools. They get packed and are a lot of fun, but are a bit expensive so we hadn't been to one yet. In the rest of Japan, yatai are usually only seen during festivals but in Fukuoka they are a regular year-round part of the scenery.

The guy running the yatai we ate at took our group photo:
This is the ramen and beer we had:
A few more group photos:

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