Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Party

Two of my classmates, Wang Jin and Yu Jin (above), had birthdays falling on almost the same day so we held a birthday party for them yesterday. The party was at our friends Connie and Joel's place, which is just 2 floors above us. Amazingly we got close to 30 people into their apartment (which is just as small as ours). Mostly it was people from my program. Ena made some great meatballs and bought the birthday cakes at a local bakery. She and our friend Tai Ching spent most of the day shopping and preparing for the party while I was at school. We had a pretty good time.

My friend Lan from Thailand brought his 4 year old son Ishi to the party, he is a good kid. He is hitting me in the head with an ice cream bar in this photo:

These are some more party photos:

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